Gate View Painting Company Services

Commercial, Industrial and Residential Painting

         Commercial Painting We are experienced painters of large and small businesses, dormitories, schools, office buildings, funeral homes and much more.

         Industrial Painting We've painted breweries and chemical plants, and offer heavy duty products to waterproof or seal industrial surfaces.

         Residential Painting We paint homes of all sizes. Our experience with commercial waterproofing products and deck coatings are relevant and valuable to many homeowners who desire an excellent and long-lasting finish for their siding or deck.

Here are two of the specialized products we offer for commercial, industrial and residential painting projects.

1. Elastomeric: a long lasting coating to fill cracks in stucco, concrete or wood

Possibly the best exterior finish is elastomeric coating. It is so durable it can out perform the best 100% exterior acrylic paint. This material coating is resistant to heat, cold and sunlight.  It can be applied over all masonry and wood surfaces, particularly stucco and concrete. 

Elastomeric coatings have tremendous elongation characteristics which allow for contraction and expansion of the surface eliminating future cracking of the substrate.

Wood surfaces such as T-111 siding, can gain great benefits from its use.  T-111 siding develops a large number of cracks over time. These imperfections must be completely filled with primer and paint or water penetration will occur causing peeling and cracking.

Many homeowners and painters try multiple coats of paint to fill these cracks, only have them return within a few years. With a two-coat system of Elastomeric, cracks will be filled and water will not penetrate. When properly applied a 100% acrylic paint can last up to 10 years, but elastomeric can last much longer.

Keep in mind the Elastomeric product must be applied properly according to manufacturer specification.

2. GacoDeck: ideal for waterproofing fiberglass, wood, concrete or metal decks

GacoDeck is a high build multiple coating system intended for all fiberglass, wood, concrete and metal deck surfaces. It is a unique acrylic polymer coating made to prevent water penetration. GacoDeck creates a fully adhered, durable waterproof membrane which expands and contracts along with your substrate. It is perfect in hot or cold climates because this high quality acrylic coating does not soften in the heat or become brittle from cold.

GacoDeck provides an attractive, skid-resistant surface on platforms such as, boat decks, stairways, wheelchair ramps, equipment decks and balconies. This product must be applied as per manufacturer specifications to provide the ultimate result.